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John Bizzack
John W. Bizzack
Master, Lexington Lodge No. 1, Lexington KY;
Author, Island Freemasonry

Douglas L. Caudle
Douglas L. Caudle

Secretary, MRF; Past Grand Master, Grand Lodge of North Carolina; Past Master, Sophia Lodge No. 767, Salisbury, NC

John D. Cissell

John D. Cissell
Grand Junior Deacon, Grand Lodge of Kentucky; Past Master, Buechel Lodge No. 896, Louisville, KY

Patrick Craddock
Patrick Craddock
Vice President, MRF; Past Master, Conlegium Ritus Austeri Lodge No. 779, Nashville, TN

Mikel Stoops
Robert Pollock
Junior Warden,
Lodge Education Officer,
Harmony Lodge No. 8, Urbana, OH


What is the MRF Symposium?
The MRF Symposium is a meeting place for Masons who are seeking the highest form of Masonic experience they can attain within their lodges, while strictly conforming to the laws, resolutions, and edicts of their respective grand lodges. It is a gathering for those who pursue quality in the Craft to share ideas and discuss their work. The Symposium begins on Friday evening at 7:30 PM, with a Harmony in the Spindletop Mansion Dining Hall, and concludes before noon on Sunday. As always, we have assembled an excellent program of speakers and presenters to share their light with you.

Who May Attend the Symposium?
Any Mason in good standing may register for the Symposium, provided he is a member of a Grand Lodge which is a member of, or is recognized by any one of the Grand Lodges which are members of, the Conference of Grand Masters of North America, or the United Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Lodge of Ireland, or the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Full Registration for the Symposium is $125.00.

Topics and Panels
- Our Grand Experiment: When Amity Becomes Emnity
- Assembly Required: Building and Maintaining an Observant Lodge
- On High Hills and In Low Vales: Building the Lodge Without the Building
- Examining the Esoterics of Lodge Prayer
- A Call to Engagement
- Moving Forward by Looking Back: The Restoration of Lexington Lodge No. 1
- Developing Sustainable Leadership in the Craft
- Freemasonry and Freedom Veiled
- A Slippery Slope: The Promotion of Masonry by Association with the Well-Known

Download the full program in PDF format

MRF Program PDF file

Keynote Address: Mikel Stoops, Grand Senior Warden, Grand Lodge of Kansas
Mikel Stoops is a fourth generation Mason, and Past Master of DeSoto Lodge No. 40 in DeSoto, Kansas. He is presently the Grand Senior Warden of the Grand Lodge of Kansas, and is known for being a straight-talking Mason when it comes to the issues facing our Craft in the 21st century. His Keynote Address on Friday evening, Our Grand Experiment: When Amity Becomes Emnity, will address some of those issues in a frank and refreshing manner.

Opening Address: Andrew Hammer,
President, Masonic Restoration Foundation

Andrew Hammer is Past Grand Chancellor of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, and Past Grand Orator of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina. He is Secretary of Fiat Lux Lodge No. 1717. He is author of Observing the Craft, a Fellow of the Philalethes Society and the Masonic Society. Brother Hammer speaks to lodges throughout the world on observant Masonry, as well as philosophical aspects of the Craft. As President of the Masonic Restoration Foundation, he will give the opening address on Saturday morning.

Closing Address: John W. Bizzack, Master, Lexington Lodge No. 1
John W. Bizzack is Master of Lexington Lodge No. 1, under the Grand Lodge of Kentucky. A prolific Masonic author, Brother Bizzack is a provocative speaker whose lectures are always backed up by his research of Masonic history. Author of Island Freemasonry, his Closing Address on Sunday morning, entitled A Slippery Slope: The Promotion of Freemasonry by Association with the Well-Known, will address the pitfalls of myth and misperceptions where Masonry meets the material world.


Andrew Hammer
Andrew Hammer
President, MRF;
Secretary, Fiat Lux Lodge No. 1717, Washington, DC

Dan Kemble
Dan Kemble
Master, William O. Ware Lodge of Research, Covington, KY

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy
Past Master, Fibonacci Lodge No. 112, South Royalton, VT

Cameron Poe

Cameron Poe

Past Master, Lexington Lodge No. 1; PDDGM, Masonic District 20; Past Chairman, Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education

Mikel Stoops
Mikel Stoops
Grand Senior Warden,
Grand Lodge of Kansas;
Past Master, Desoto Lodge No. 40, Desoto, KS

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