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13th Annual MRF Symposium
August 23-25, 2024
Philadelphia, PA

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Join The MRF?

The MRF is neither a Masonic Lodge nor a Masonic organization. Its sole purpose is to provide educational support to regular and recognized Freemasons in the United States and Canada. Therefore, the MRF has no individual memberships.

A Mason who supports the MRF's Statement of Purposes may do so in two primary ways:

1. Utilize the the information the MRF provides to improve his Lodge.

2. Make a charitable donation to the MRF.

Donations are strictly charitable, as the MRF does not initiate commerce.

OK. Then What Does The MRF Do?

The MRF Statement of Purposes outlines the scope and function of the organization, but the most visible aspect of our work is the annual MRF Symposium, usually held in August of each year.

Facilitated by the MRF, but funded entirely by the host Lodge(s), the MRF Symposium offers an opportunity for brethren who are looking for maximum quality in their Masonic experience to discuss with and learn from others who are doing the best work they can do in their respective jurisdictions. The hope is that by exchanging information in an atmosphere of open learning and brotherhood, brethren will return to their own lodges having gained a bit more knowledge about the Craft in North America.

Each symposium tends to reflect the culture of the host Lodge(s), which differs as does the ritual of every Grand Lodge.

1st - 2010: Enlightenment Lodge No. 198, Colorado Springs, CO
2nd - 2011: Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22, Alexandria VA
3rd - 2012: Academia Lodge No. 847, Oakland CA
4th - 2013: Phoenix Lodge No. 105, Manchester, NH
5th - 2014: Cincinnati Masonic Center, Cincinnati OH
6th - 2015: Masonic Temple, Philadelphia, PA
7th - 2016: Asheville Masonic Temple, Asheville, NC
8th - 2017: Vancouver Masonic Centre, Vancouver, BC
9th - 2018: Montezuma Lodge No. 1, Santa Fe, NM
10th- 2019: Lexington Lodge No. 1, Lexington, KY
11th - 2022: Detroit Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI

If your Lodge is interested in hosting a Symposium, the following terms and conditions will give you a complete idea of what is involved.

Statement of Purposes Download PDF
Terms and Conditions for Hosting an MRF Symposium

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